Monitoring for GEROA
Bird and cetacean monitoring for GEROA
DemoSATH launching
DemoSATH launched into water
DemoSATH final assembly

DemoSATH final assembly is successfully completed. The transition piece, tower, hub, rotor, nacelle, and blades were mounted on the SATH platform as part of the construction activities for the DemoSATH project in the Port of Bilbao.

This in situ installation operation has the potential to reduce costs and meet strict execution deadlines. Two key elements of this demonstration project.

Set up in In this joint pilot project called DemoSATH, Saitec Offshore Technologies and RWE Renewables will test SATH floating platform in which will be mounted a 2MW wind turbine. The base of the structure will be approximately 30 metres wide and 64 metres long. The platform will be towed to its anchorage point in a test field (BiMEP) 2 miles off the Basque coast (Spain) where the sea is about 85 metres deep. DemoSATH will have the potential to produce electricity for 2,000 homes.

After this operation, DemoSATH is in full swing and ready for its launching!